Here are testimonials from Bootstraps Coaching clients:

​"Last year, I was given one of the greatest gifts in my career – the opportunity to work with Bruce Gibson as my professional coach.  When I started the endeavor, I had no expectations or preconception of what the end result would be.  Bruce has a rare gift of taking you on a journey of self-awareness!  He is a masterful director who helps you look deep within to find the barriers in your behavior you are not aware of that are holding you back, while at the same time finding and tapping into the many gifts and talents that make you a shining star!  Bruce leads YOU to this awareness.  He doesn’t do the work for you – you have to come to the conclusions on your own for the process to come full circle so you can walk away with a true sense of knowledge and accomplishment.  That is his gift, and if you are open to the process, you will finish feeling as lucky as I did to have experienced it.  Every day, I look at my wall and the list of “mantra’s” that were developed to keep me on track.  When I look at those, I remember the journey we took, and it is with deep fondness, respect and appreciation." 

- Professional in a leadership search firm focused on placements including Board, C-level, Divisional Heads

"Bruce utilizes a host of tools and frameworks that enable me to apply concentrated focus on my career goals. He is professional and caring. He listens intently and provides honest, straightforward insights. Putting it frankly, Bruce cuts through the bullshit and guides you to be intentional about career choices and defining success as you see it."

- Senior Manager of Information Security in an $8B Fortune 500 manufacturer and distributor of a leading global NARTD beverage brand

"Bruce was my direct manager several years ago, and I remembered how much I enjoyed his “coaching” approach to leadership.  Bruce is a people developer first and foremost!  When I learned that he had decided to formally dive into the realm of executive coaching, a couple of thoughts came to mind: 1) it’s about time; 2) I would love to continue to benefit from Bruce’s knowledge!

After working with Bruce as my coach for a short time, I had learned volumes about myself.  I learned how some of my natural tendencies created obstacles for me and how to use some of my other natural tendencies to circumvent those obstacles.  I had been struggling in keeping myself motivated and maintaining the proactive energy that I need to thrive.  Working with Bruce opened a lot of doors for me, showed me tools that I could use to break out of the rut in which I had found myself, and even introduced doors to me that I did not even know existed previously.  It was a journey of self-awareness and discovery, and Bruce was there as my guide.  He did not do the work for me but always had a method in mind to keep probing and exploring.  At the end of the conversation, there was an “ah hah” moment as a result of Bruce’s gift in “illuminating” the path for me to follow.  This is  what allowed me to arrive at the conclusion that I needed to get me moving forward again.  Bruce is a world-class coach and I can say, without question, that I would not be where I am today without his leadership and guidance."

- Director of IT Risk in a global $2.8B technology solution and cloud services providor